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15 kg Blocks :
When 15kg blocks are laid in cattle barn, horse barn and pig sty, the waste generated by these animals gets mixed with the Cocopeat over a period of time, thereby making the material fluffy and moist. This is then converted into rich organic manure. This can also be used as Farm Yard Manure (FYM) when mixed with fertilizers and are also used for waste disposal purposes.

Specifications :

15 kg Blocks
size :
98 × 36 × 10cm
Weight : 14-15kgs
No of liters : 150-160 liters
Moisture : 18% - 20%
EC.Content : different levels possible
Packing Content : Naked Blocks
                          1700 blocks 1 x 40 foot                           container
Applications : Animal Shelters, Horse & Cattle                      Barn, Fields and Large Scale                      Nurseries.