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Husk Chips :
These are ideal as ‘growing medium’ for potted anthurium, orchids, ferns, carnations. They control weed growth to a great extent. Natural coconut husk is cut in to ½” to 1” size. Husk chips help growing media or fertilizer in giving its full efficiency in retaining moisture for a long time. It can be used as a soil conditioner and as mulch. It is free from any soil diseases as the basic raw material coconut husk originates above ground.

Application: Husk absorbs and retains water and supplies the same to the growing media. Husks are applicable for hobbyists and plant lovers.

Husk Chips
Size :
4 - 16 mm
Moisture : 18% - 20%
Packing : in 10 Kg W.P.P bags
Quantity : 600 Bags 1 x 20 Container
               1200 Bags 1 x 40 Container