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Coco Flora is managed by family run professionals who have vast experience as growers of coconut plantations, suppliers of coconut husk to coir industries and as manufacturers of high quality Cocopeat products. We are located at Karappadi, Pollachi an hour’s drive from Coimbatore, the heart of the coconut plantations in Southern India.

A member of our administrative team is a management professional from University of Wales, UK and is supported by very experienced technicians trained in choosing the best material substrate for Hydroponics cultivation. Our employees are literate and we do not employ child labour. Coco Flora’s Growbag product is an organic enriching agent and can be reused after cultivation. Other uses of the fluffy material can be envisaged in horticulture. When reusing, care should be taken to remove the Polyethylene bag.
Coco Flora has the capacity to produce tonnes of Cocopeat per month, as there are numerous fiber mills that are of close proximity to the factory and provides a continuous supply of raw material. Coco Flora’s Cocopeat is the most economical, and the best growing medium for almost every agricultural, horticultural, floriculture crop, both indoors and outdoors.